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#1 The Amazon Prime Sale-


              Most of the Time Amazon releases an offer sale which will be available only for Amazon Prime Premium account holders and not for others.

During this sale, exciting offers will be provided for many items across several categories such as smartphones, home gadgets, cooking vessels and electronic gadgets, etc.

More Features for Amazon Prime account holders:

1. No delivery charges will be applied, which means that Free delivery of products.

2. when a sale is happening Preferences will be given to prime account holders.

3. The price for becoming an Amazon Prime member is not very high as the prices to be a premium member have been dropped considerably.

4. This doesn't end with its e-commerce website. Amazon also has its streaming websites which include movies, shows, songs. This comes as a complimentary package when you have the Amazon prime membership.

Features Premium Amazon Prime:

Prime Music: Amazon Prime Music is one of the best online music streaming app \offered by Amazon. This will be the best alternative for Spotify.

Amazon Prime Video: This features started first in the US in 2004. But in 2012 modify and says Amazon instant video. The prime member can access about 5000+ movies and TV show.

Prime Pantry: This main aim of this services is shipping non- perishable grocery store items into single box packing for delivery home.

How to get an Amazon Prime Account in 2020?

You need to purchase the membership, which will be of Rs. 129/month. Once you have purchased it, you get all the premium features of Amazon, which are listed above.


Step 1: First, visit Amazon Prime to access the Prime Accounts of Amazon.


Step 2: Now, Sign up Prime Accounts and get started with the registration process.


Step 3: While Ordering in the Prime Account make sure that you use USA Proxy and log in. After that, enter the shipping details, by entering Postal code use India user 400001  and USA user 10001


Step 4: Don't add any card details. Just Choose Cash on Delivery Option, and Done! Enjoy Your premium Amazon Prime Account.

Free Amazon Premium Prime Accounts 2020


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Various e-commerce websites were available to make online shopping too convenient and flexible like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, which provide their services all over the world.

On Amazon, anyone can purchase a wide range of items pricing from 1Rs. to several lakhs. All these items will be delivered within a reasonable period of time. Anyone can create an account on Amazon and start using the services provided by the Amazon and purchase various items. However, there is a premium account which has a set of premium features that are not available to free account holders. 

Thus, here we are going to discuss all the features which were provided by Amazon only for premium accounts and how to make complete use of it.

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Access Free Amazon Prime Accounts


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Access Free Amazon Prime Accounts.

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