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Free premium account of HULU - 2020

Hulu Premium:

                     Hulu is one of the leading streaming platforms in the United States. Hulu is the most affordable platform for US residents. Most affordable in the sense of comparing with the subscription price of Netflix. Let's discuss more the pricing and offers of Hulu and why it's more affordable and its services along with the subscriptions. Welcome to Loginhackers - a free premium site. The topics which we were going to discuss were,


Hulu subscription cost:


                Hulu has three different subscription packages. The cost of the first package is $ 5.99 / month. Using this you can access thousands of contents including TV shows, series, and movies. Ads will be played in between the videos and this may go up to 5 ad breaks. The contents of this Hulu package can be downloaded and watch later.

Hulu (No Ads):

               The subscription cost of the No ads Hulu package is $ 11.99 / month. In this subscription pack, you can enjoy watching anything on Hulu except Live TV. This package is a total ad-free package. In this package, you can download content and watch it later. Both the packages are 30 days free trial package.

Hulu plus Live Tv (ads / ad-free):

               This plan is the Highest package cost of $ 54.99 with Live TV with 65+ top channels. To remove the ads in this plan you need to pay an extra $ 6 / month. Other than the above two plan this package has only a seven-day trial.


How to get a Free Hulu account:

On this site, you can get a username and password to have a free HULU account. Let's discuss these in the upcoming passages. Other than this you can avail of a free HULU account by using the 30 day trial period by using your credit card.

Features of free HULU account:

Now let's discuss what were the features of a free HULU account in this passage.


     Want to watch your favorite movie listed on HULU and you don't want to watch the film on your mobile screen. With HULU free account you can watch them on your TV, laptop, or using a projector in a crystal clear quality and enjoy them in an ULTRA HD quality.


     With one HULU profile, you can share them with your friends and family. If there were more than one person you can create different profiles. But this too has a limit and not more than five devices cannot be connected at a moment. So remember not to have more than five profiles at a time.


     Want to watch your favorite show but you were busy somewhere. Don't worry you can download them and watch them later.


Free HULU account

So, the wait is over. In this passage, you will get to know how to get the free Username and password for free HULU accounts. 

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What are the Network Add-on along with HULU Live TV?

                               There are no free Add-on along with HULU Live TV. Espanol add-on for $ 4.99/month and Entertainment add-on for $ 7.99/month.

What does the Disney Bundle include?

                        The Disney Bundle includes access to Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+.The Disney plus bundle includes these three at $12.99/month.

Is there a free trial for the Disney Bundle?

                        No, there currently isn’t a free trial for the Disney Bundle.