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Welcome guys, for those who were looking for a "Free Netflix Account" or "Netflix account login and password" or "Netflix Mod Apk". Then you were in a correct site[Free premium]. Let me explain all of them in brief. The topics which we are going to be discussed will be listed below.



          Netflix is currently the most trending application in this digital era which is used by millions of peoples all over the world to watch series, Shows, Movies, Animes. Netflix has come with an exclusive series that is available only on Netflix if you want then you need to buy the Netflix subscription, which is very much expensive. Spending so much money for Netflix subscription is something redundant. Hence, loginhackers came up with an idea of giving a Netflix account login and password for all its viewers. You can have a look at the plans which Netflix is offering, if you are able to afford them then consider purchasing them otherwise you can use our free method to get Netflix.


Netflix Premium pricing:

Let me list the pricing of Premium plans of Netflix,


         The pricing of the Netlfix mobile plan is Rs.199/month.So this plan is only for mobile phones and tablets. You have the option of cancelling the Netflix subscription plan at any time. By this plan, you can watch your favourite movies, animes, and series on Netflix.


           In the basic plan of Netflix, you can use the account in one screen at a time. This plan suits for both mobile, tablets, and laptops. The pricing of this plan from Netflix is Rs.499/month.


          The pricing of the Netflix standard plan is Rs.649/month.In this plan on Netflix, you can watch unlimited movies and shows on your laptop and mobile in the HD quality. It allows multi-users of 2 screens at a time.


                The price of the Netflix premium plan is Rs.799/month. This is the highest pricing plan of Netflix which offers you HD quality movies and series with 4 screens at a time.

As the pricing details for the Netflix subscription gets varied check with Netflix Pricing for more information.


Benefits of Netflix Premium:

  • You can watch unlimited Movies, Shows,  Series, and many for free from Netflix if you have any one of the plans mentioned above.

  • Don’t spend your money, which you earned hard on buying the subscription of expensive Netflix, as loginhackers provide it for free now. 

  • You can use this 100% working Netflix account on your Smart TV, Laptop, PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

  • Most of the Netflix accounts listed below will be Standard or Premium, which means more than one person can use the same account at a time.

  • Follow the below steps to get a free Netflix premium account.

The above-mentioned details of the Netflix premium plan and it's pricing were from the official Netflix site. 

free netflix account

How to get free Netflix account:      

There are some ways to get a free Netflix premium account such as using a

  • Netflix account login and password

  • Netflix Mod apk (Netflix premium  mod apk)

  • Netflix premium cookies

     Lets deep dive into these three methods of getting a free Netflix subscription.


Netflix account login and password

Steps to follow:

  • Install the Netflix apk from store 

  • Then in the login page of the Netflix app, enter the Netflix account login and password credentials from the loginhackers site.

  • Enjoy the free Netflix subscritpion.

Before following these steps, please follow the guidelines by Loginhackers,

                   i)Don't change the password, once you got the login. So, others can use the premium account.


                  ii) Once logged in, don't log out. So that you can miss the premium account.

Click the below VIEW ACCOUNTS icon and get free sun nxt  premium

   *****So, the last and the most important point *********

"If you don't get the account it doesn't mean that it is fake, it is because someone has already claimed the account and changed the password or the limit of permitted users might be crossed. Hence the login doesn't work for you. Come again tomorrow and grab your premium account username and password for Netflix, Since all the accounts were updated daily".

Netflix Premium Mod Apk ( Netflix Mod Apk)

                                                       Netflix Mod Apk is a modified free Netflix app which is loaded with all the premium features of Netflix premium. So, there is no need for you to login with a free Netflix account and password. If the above method of using Netflix account login and password gets failed, then try this Netflix mod apk and get a Netflix free account. This is a free Netflix app. Click the below link and get free Netflix app.

netflix account login and password

Netflix Premium Cookies

                                                Cookies are a piece of data which stores our information for future uses, so as to improve the performance of the platform for user convenience. Using the Netflix premium cookies also we can get the premium free Netflix subscription but the rate of success and availability is too low hence it is considered as a failure method and we, loginhackers has stopped the service of Netflix premium cookies. Hope you got either the free Netflix account and password or the Netflix mod apk.Enjoy the free Netflix premium account or free Netflix app and free Netflix subscription.

FAQ about Netflix:

What is the Netflix premium account?

                                                                    Netflix is an entertainment-based service provider company that operates with the entertainment content for peoples across the world. If you need to access the Netflix shows, movies, series, animes then you need to get their premium subscription account, which will be very expensive and after that, you can enjoy premium features.


How can I get a free Netflix Premium account?

                                                                   In this post, loginhackers have shared more than 10+ Netflix free premium account. You can quickly access a premium Netflix account in your smartphones, laptop as well as PC. These are Netflix free account for our users. If someone has changed the password then you will get the wrong password while logging in, so that better try all of the account given in this site.

How to get a free Netflix account?

                                                                You can enjoy the benefits of a premium Netflix free trial for 30 days. In which, you can access of free Netflix subscription for a period of one month, you need to signup on the official Netflix website or through their Netflix app, then provide payment details, and you can now have 30 days free premium trial.

How to get a Netflix account login and password?

                                                                The accounts shared in this site were 100% working Netflix premium accounts with username & password.  Try More accounts to increase the chances to get login because many users might change the password already. The Netflix free account will be updated daily without fail.

What are the features of Free Netflix accounts?

                                                               Watch Netflix in an Ultra HD with a 4k resolution screen, high-quality voice over, multiple screen access, and many more features as premium by using the username and password credentials provided by loginhackers.

Can a Netflix account login and password be shared?

                                                              Yes, If you are having a free Netflix subscription, then you are allowed to shared those accounts with four or two devices based on the plan you subscribed to, either it is a mobile PC or your smart TV. You can easily share a movie with multiple devices at a time also. Share this loginhackers site with your friends, so that they can also enjoy the same.