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                                                     Spotify is one of the most famous music services streaming online. They offer more than 20 million tracks which you can search for, play, and download with a Spotify Premium plan. You can get Spotify free by just signing up. However, these free plan limits you to shuffle play only, and you can’t listen to some new music.

With a Spotify Premium account, you can download every song, and you won’t be interrupted by ads, and you can skip unlimited songs in the queue. In addition to these, You can also create radio stations of all your own with your favorites, including podcasts.

And in this site l will explain to you how to get a free premium of the Spotify in LOGINHACKERS site. You can use the free Spotify premium accounts to stream your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Additionally, I will explain everything you need to know about Spotify Premium.

Hey Guys, Want Spotify premium free or Spotify premium Mod apk then this Free premium site is for you. On this page, let's see How to get Spotify premium for free and about the Spotify premium free apk. We will also discuss the plans and pricing details of Spotify and also the most efficient ways for a free Spotify account. The topics we will discuss are listed below,

spotify premium

BENEFITS of Spotify Premium

                                           Let me list the benefits which you get while having a Spotify premium account​.

  • No intermittent Ads- You will not see any ads when you use the Spotify premium account.

  • Unlimited downloading songs- There isn’t any restriction for you on downloading songs in Spotify premium so you can save any song which you wish to listen offline.

  • High-Quality Songs- You can listen to songs on higher quality (320 Kbps) when you are using the Spotify premium account.

  • Listen to Podcasts- You can find various podcasts services on Spotify premium.

  • Extra Features- You will more useful premium features like shuffle, repeat, skip, and seak to improve your overall experience with Spotify premium.


Spotify Premium plans

There are four types of Spotify subscriptions for premium, namely-

  1. Free- You don’t have to pay any money if you are a free user in Spotify, but you’ll see ads and can only listen to songs in average quality.

  2. Premium- For the Spotify premium account, you have to pay $9.99 per month, and you will have the features listed above.

  3. Family- The Family Spotify subscription allows you the whole family to use Spotify premium services on different devices at the same time for a cost of $14.99 per month.

You can pick from these types depending upon your needs. Since the plans and benefits change over a period of time please verify the plans and pricing here.

spotify premium free

Get Your Spotify free premium account by using the USERNAME AND PASSWORDS given here. It is valid for all users across the world. Simply sign up the username and password in the Spotify app downloaded from the Store. PREMIUM ACCOUNTS ARE LIMITED ones, so grab your account as soon as possible. Stay tuned with loginhackers to get more updates on premium accounts. Follow the below steps to get a Free Spotify account.


How to get Spotify premium for free

  • Go to the Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iOS.

  • Search for Spotify.

  • Download and install the app on to your smartphone.

  • Open the app.

  • In the login page enters the username and password for the free premium account given by LOGINHACKERS in the Spotify login page.

  • After entering the credentials, click okay and enjoy the SPOTIFY PREMIUM free.

****If You don't get the LOGIN it doesn't mean that it is fake, it means that the login was claimed by another user, So be fast to grab yours****

Click the below VIEW ACCOUNTS button for free spotify premium accounts


Spotify premium free Apk:

                                        Spotify Premium MOD Apk is an Android application loaded with the premium features of the Spotify music app. If you failed to get a Working Spotify premium account don't worry just install this Spotify MOD apk and enjoy the Spotify free. Click the below link and download the Spotify premium mod apk.

How to get Spotify if it is not available in your country?


                                    As discussed earlier Spotify is one of the most popular music-streaming services found in this digital era. Unfortunately, it's not available everywhere around the world. The reasons may vary, but in most cases, it's due to the music license issues, so Spotify itself has to place geographical restrictions. And if you want to need Spotify still follow the tricks given below.

The geographical restriction works as the app will try to determine your location via the IP address which you use every time you log in, so if your country isn't on the list, Then it will show some restrictions. To access the playlist of your favorite band, the only way to overcome the limitation is by using any third-party VPN.

Suggestion of LOGINHACKERS

For users who were not aware of the benefits over Spotify premium 

1). No restriction to download songs

                                             The free users of Spotify account cannot download every song they like. There is some limitation to the number of songs that they can download from Spotify. However, the Spotify Premium account holder does not face such restrictions while downloading songs. They can download whichever song they like.

2). No ads

                                            As we know, advertisements are one of the most irritating factors and time-consuming pop-ups. Get rid of all the ads by using Spotify premium accounts and enjoy an uninterrupted listening.

3). Unlock new features such as Shuffling, Seeking, and Repeating

                                           You can shuffle your song repeat them or use the seek feature to find your song immediately while using the Spotify premium account.  But These features were not available for the Free Spotify account.

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