1)Display guest details who paid total charges RS.50000 and above. Write a query to fetch Guest id, Guest name, and Sum of total charges. Give alias name to total charges as  TOTALPAID. Sort the result by guest id.

2)Write a query to display the second highest cabin cost rate. Give alias name as SECOND_MAX.

3)Managements wants to know the manager of each resort.

Display resortid , resort name,  manager name and his phone. Sort the output in ascending order of resort id. Give alias to manager name as MANAGERNAME and phone as PHONENO.

If manager is not available then display manager name  'NA'. If phone number is not available then display as 'NA'.

4)Write a query to display the revenue generated by each resort. Display the resortid, name of the resort ,booking count and the total amount collected in each resort. Sort the result by resort id.

Give alias name as TOTALBOOKING to booking count and TOTALAMOUNT to total amount collected.

5)The resort manager wants to see the review comments given by the customer. Write a query to display guest name, resort name and review comments and display the result set in ascending order of guest name and resort name.

6)Manager wants to know the cabin types and no of bedrooms in the resorts.  Write a query to display  resort name, description, cabin type, bed room count  available in resort. Sort the output in the order of resorted

7)Managements wants to know guest and maximum amount paid by each guest for any of the bookings.

Write a query to display the Guest ID, Guest name and maximum amount paid by them(give alias name as MAX_AMOUNT). Sort the result based on guest ID.

8)Display user name and their city who have booked their tickets not by using HDFC bank for any of the bookings. Sort the result based on user name.

9)statement to obtain the names of products whose list price is the second-highest in the table


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