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Sun nxt : 

Are you getting bored? Don't Know what to do?  Get free access for Sun NXT from LOGINHACKERSand enjoy 50,000 hours of live TV channels, latest comedies, Top South movies, music videos, and serials. Sun NXT is one of the most popular video streaming channels by Sun Network. Sun NXT is available in five Indian languages - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali & Malayalam.

                   As of February 2020, it contains 390 shows, 4087 movies. As of now, Sun NXT is having over 20 million users across the world. Sun Network was founded and is owned by Kalanithi Maran. In this post, we will see How to get Free access for Sun NXT app Premium access for free.

Sun Nxt Subscription plans and Pricing

                  Sun NXT offers three Subscription plans based on validity and locality and to choose one out of it.

Indian Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly Plan

  • Quarterly Plan  and

  • Annual Plan

For International Users:

  • Monthly Plan

  • Quarterly Plan; and

  • Annual Plan.


The price for each plan is indicated before you choose

such a method.

  • Sun NXT 30 Days Plan - Rs 50

  • Sun NXT 90 Days Plan - Rs 130

  • Sun NXT 365 Days Plan - Rs 490

In addition, you will get one month free subscription when you subscribe to Sun NXT for the first time.

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Benefits of Subscribing Sun NXT:

                                    Let me detail the features over subscribing to Sun NXT. Every streaming app will have premium subscription and premium features that a non -subscribed person cannot have. Likewise, Sun NXT also has some premium features on subscribing it.       


  • Watch unlimited shows.

  • Download Sun NXT Shows 

  • Stream Sun NXT Shows on Multiple Devices.

  • New shows and content every month.

  • Watch offline.

  • Full HD Streaming option.

Get Sun NXT subscription for free:

                                 In this section, we will discuss how to get the Sun NXT subscription for free. Note the third one is the same as usual from LOGINHACKERS - but don't miss it.


                                 If you are a guy like me who thinks of paying and watching the content, then LOGINHACKERS is for you. LOGINHACKERS was also started with the same ideology. Let me intro the first two ways in which you can stream Sun NXT free of cost using the Jio Cinema App and Vodafone Play App.

In Jio cinema App:


                                After a boom in 2016, Jio entered all the fields in the app too. If you are a Jio user, then no worries you can watch Sun NXT at a free of cost. You can stream and enjoy Sun NXT shows, movies, and series online using Jio Cinema App. In Jio cinema App you don't need to pay and its almost free. So, now the next question arises,

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How to get Sun NXT access for free with Jio

            Follow these simple procedures to watch Sun NXT for free with Jio.

  • First and most important step - Download and install the Jio Cinema App.

  • Login / Sign Up using your Jio mobile number.

  • Now in the Jio Cinema app, you can find the Sun Tv option.

  • Click Sun Tv and watch shows, movies, dramas, and serials you want to stream.

And the next option to watch Sun NXT for free is with Vodafone Play App:

                                                          If you are not using Jio as you are a Vodafone user, then you can watch Sun NXT at a free of cost using Vodafone Play. You can also stream and enjoy Sun NXT movies, comedies, and serials for free online using Vodafone Play.

How to get Sun NXT access for free with Vodafone Play? 

             This is the most crucial part ready carefully and gets the Sun NXT for free.

  • Download and Install the Vodafone Play app on your smartphone.

  • Login / Sign Up the account using your Vodafone mobile number.

  • Now in the Vodafone Play app, you can find the Sun Tv.

  • Click Sun Tv and watch shows, movies, dramas, and serial you want to stream.

So, the wait is over!

Till this we have discussed everything about the Sun NXT subscriptions now lets deep dive into the process of accessing Sun NXT subscription for free.

Steps to be followed:

1)Install the Sun NXT app from the store to your device(Both iOS and android).

2)Use the username and password for the Sun NXT subscription given in this site - LOGINHACKERS.

3)If today's login is not available wait for tomorrow and come again and verify with the updated login.

4)We always used to update the 100% working logins, the username, and password were updated after checking its working by loginhackers team.

5)Once you got the login don't change the account credentials, so others can use the same


*********At last and utmost the most important thing is if you don't get the login it means that somebody has already claimed the premium account username and password.*********

Click the below VIEW ACCOUNTS icon and get free sun nxt  premium







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Can I rent/buy a movie in the Sun NXT app? If so, how long will it be available to me?

                                                                  No, you can only stream movies and download them to watch offline. Downloaded videos will be available for a period of 48 (forty-eight) hours from the time the download is complete. Downloads are device-specific(downloaded files will be found in the Sun NXT app). Downloaded content cannot be accessed from a different device even if the account is the same.

Can I create multiple accounts using the same electronic device?

                                                                  Yes. You can, but only one account can be accessed at a time in a device. However, you have an option to create up to 4 profiles within each account. If you would like to switch between profiles, please log out of the existing profiles and log in with your desired credentials. If you have multiple profiles created, you can use the same on different devices at the same time (up to 4 (four) devices simultaneously).

Can I view videos offline?

                                                                   Subject to your Sun NXT subscription plan, certain titles are available for viewing offline. You can download the content by clicking on the download icon. Please ensure that you are connected to a stable internet or data connection and that sufficient storage space is available on your device, before attempting to make the content available for viewing offline.
Sun Direct Offer - If You are accessing Sun NXT Using your valid Sun Direct RMN, You will be able to download videos for offline viewing.
Vodafone Play & Idea Movies Offer - If You are accessing Sun NXT through Vodafone Play mobile app or Idea Movies mobile app, You will not be able to download videos for offline viewing.

Can I use my subscription in a country outside the country from where I had subscribed to Sun NXT?

                                                                    No, Sun NXT services are geo-restricted and a subscription plan purchased in one country will not be valid in another country.


              In this post, we have discussed how to get Sun NXT subscription for free. Hope you got the Sun NXT subscription for free. For more premium Accounts take a tour in the LOGINHACKERS site. Stay tuned and enjoy premium for more apps and MOD apk's.